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Nov. 21st, 2008

barney & robin

Writer's Block: Crepuscular Drama

The Twilight movie comes out today. A lot of people are really excited about seeing Bella and Edward on the big screen. Others couldn't care less. Where do you fall on the issue?

Um, totally saw it today...AMAZING!

I haven't been so excited to see a movie since Rent and LOTR. I even went by myself....which was probably a good thing since I kept squealing like a 15 year old.

I am predicting that I will see it at least 10 times. Gotta break the Fellowship record.

Jun. 5th, 2008

barney & robin


I'm totally 21. Woah.

Two years of torture and it's finally over!

More posts throughout today. I promise!


May. 13th, 2008

lj drama

and the part goes to...?

Not me. Boo.

I am the Sally Understudy. I am disappointed, but the girl who got the part really rocked it out. And, I do have some performance conflicts. I did my absolute best and I'm proud of my performance. And, I know I will do a kick ass job when I perform. A couple of my friends got in the show/are understudies so rehearsals will be fun. Especially after I turn 21. Post-rehearsal drinks? Heeeeeeeellll yeeeeeeeah.

I can't wait to break in the newbies. ;)

not getting any sleep tonight...

Callbacks were tonight.

I'm up against two amazing girls.

I have no idea how this is gonna turn out.

God, I'm nervous.

More later when I can actually form coherent thoughts...

May. 10th, 2008


Ugh, my feet absolutely kiiiiilll right now. That's what you get for choreographing for 4 hours in socks on masonite flooring. Oh well, I'm sitting now so I'm all kinds of good.

So, another boring night. Everyone's off to Murphy's and I'm here. God, this months sucks. Only 25 days left until I stop whining about not being 21! Until then I will bitch and moan cause I can. SO. THERE. Wah fucking wah.

Auditions tomorrow night! Finally picked a song. "Popular" from Wicked. I mean come on. How perfect, right? So, I will teach my private lesson, have lunch with Meg and my Mom for Mother's Day, finish choreographing Buenos Aires, then to the Susan to get my next job.

Bored bored bored. Bored bored bored. Bored bored boooooooored.

May. 8th, 2008

barney & robin

audition update

So, my Signature Theatre audition went really well. I sang well and my monologue went over beautifully. I got a laugh from the Casting Director at the end! (Don't worry...it's a funny monologue) So, now we play the waiting game. This open call was for their entire season so I might not get a call for a couple of months. Even being called back would be a dream come true. Once I can get cast at an Equity theatre it will open so many doors for me.

My next audition is on Sunday at the Lazy Susan for You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. And, I want Sally Brown. That is my part. I've wanted to play that role for 7 years. So, move aside ladies. It's my turn :) Problem is I have noo idea what to sing. I want something peppy and slightly belty. Any suggestions fellow musical freaks?

Now, if that wasn't enough...I'm considering going up to New York for an Open Call for a National Tour of Grease. They're casting all parts. Trouble is the audition is Monday morning. Callbacks for Charlie Brown are Monday night. I have gone up to New York for auditions and have been back before 5 o'clock. But, I would hate to have the one time that I don't make it back in time be the same day as a very important callback. So, that's still up in the air. Trying to make that decision before Friday cause I would drive up Sunday night.

In other news, my Mom and I have begun working on choreography/staging for Evita. I love collaborating with my Mom. I feel very free and comfortable to voice my opinion with her. I really want this show to look great and have both hers and my taste of dance blend together.


May. 5th, 2008

barney & robin

freaking out!

Why you may ask?

Well, tomorrow morning I'm going to Signature Theatre's Open Call for Non-Equity Actors. One minute monologue and sixteen bars.

Soooo not ready right now. I'm just afraid that I'm not gonna be able to sleep and then totally make a horrible first impression. Oh well, I gotta do it. :/

Wish me broken legs!

May. 3rd, 2008

barney & robin

i'm back!

After months and months of absence...I'm back!

Well, I figured that since I have a PAID account I should use it.

SO, a lot has changed since my last angsty poem. I'm back in Burke and I'm still at the Lazy Susan. Well kinda. I'm actually taking a break right now. Stuff has gone down and I can't be there right now. Tomorrow night is my last official day until further notice.

My dear friend Greg bought me tickets to go and see Eddie Izzard for an early birthday present. So, I took my Kimmy and we had an amazing time. I totally got her hooked on Eddie now. And we have matching shirts. :) Then we went and saw Iron Man with a couple of people. I loved it! Robert Downey, Jr....brilliant.

Tomorrow I will be attending the first Evita rehearsal with The McLean Community PLayers. I'm not in it, but I am the Assistant Choreographer. So, I will be there to observe and meet everyone. And, crazy enough...Jesse Baskin is in it! Gotta love the small world that is theatre. After rehearsal I'm going to get my hair re-colored then off to the Susan.

Until next time!

Jan. 4th, 2007

boys are stupid

greetings from the west coast!


i'm in Cali for a week with meg visiting our grandparents. i shall try to post throughout the week. 'til later my loves!


Dec. 5th, 2006


it's official...

i will be completely moved out and living in Stafford by December 17th.



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